#MASIERADAY is an association born in memory of Livio Romare, Scledense champion of Jockey Volley Schio. Livio Romare was a REAL person with a big heart, who loved sport and young people: making his values concrete is our mission.




“At 14, after reading a small poster hanging at the exit of a middle school, he started playing volleyball in the A&O MAGRÈ team. He immediately demonstrated his enormous skills and potential to the point of arriving, in 1985, at CIESSE PADOVA IN SERIES A1.

The following year he returned to Schio, in B1, from which he began the splendid climb that brought the JOKEY SCHIO to the top flight in the 1992/93 and 1993/94 seasons. In Schio he also ended his career in 1998 in the A2 series after a brief interlude in Bassano del Grappa in B1. His strong point, the wall, is memorable, so much so that it is nicknamed MASIERA which, in the Venetian language, means “stone wall” like those found along the mountain roads built to support the sloping ground.

Many excellent names in Italian and international volleyball who played and fought alongside Livio, some of them were real champions; just to name a few: Gilberto “Pacho” Passani, Alexander “Sasha” Shadchin, Robert Grabert and, above all, the true monster of dribbling Kim Ho Chul. “


Livio was born in Schio on November 3, 1963.

Reserved and humble, Livio has always believed strongly in the FAMILY and in YOUTH, establishing a relationship of mutual trust and encouragement with them, culminating in the arrival of his son Markos.

Always ready to help those in need, he spent the rest of his life working as a technical expert and volunteering in his hometown. Livio, after winning numerous battles on the playing field, was won by an illness at the age of 51 on 21 December 2014.

The GREATNESS of the man he was, pushes an entire community to constantly engage in fundraising to help children in need particularly dear to Livio through SPORTS, CULTURAL AND SOCIAL EVENTS.

Livio Romare was a TRUE person with a big heart, who loved sport and young people. Making his values concrete is our mission.